This is the first tym tat m gonna write sonmething on a social issue.Well, on second thoughts it may be a general awareness actually.Oh!gosh i miss out writing smthg on a social issue yet agn.Grrr...

This blog is about knowing the real essence of something i.e. DIWALI.This tym i was hom as usual to celeberate the festival.The day came an in te evening i was ambulating in my sector to take a view of how the houses were decorated.The spectacular lighting all around u.But the fun was all lost when i started coughing due to the foul smell and smoke that was ubiquitous.We had to go in our car then to see the spectacular lighting.The real essence of the festival is lost somewhere as it is a festival of lights.It gives a feeling of togetherness with ur loved ones sharing gifts and sweets to express ur love and affection for them.

However, people now find it more enjoyable to burn crackers.I dont believe in burning crackers and havin fun as it is a loss of money,resources,energy and what n what not.It adds to air and noise pollution and also litters around ur surroundings.Although this tym the crackers were a little less but hat shows our concern on the issue on a lower side.As the ppl who are educated also do not understand the consequences of the action.Cracker industires involve child labour which is a crime and ppl are helping it boom by buying them.The govt. has been quite slack in taking the reqd. measures but they r not the only one to be blamed it is we who r at fault.

THE RICH AND THE FAMOUS spend money on crackers ostentatiously like water from a tap as it is status symbol for them to spend lavishly.Then starts the crackers bursting competition in the night to see whose anaar is better and burns for a longer tym.One burns the multi-coloured sparkling one then the other burst the one with twinkling golden and silver stars.The one who wins has a big grin on his face and a large cloud of smoke spraeds its arms in the air to engulf their own houses and spoil their health.Why dont these ppl spend some money on charityif they hav so much to give it away.

Their are many places especially in the metros where u are not favoured to build a temple near ur locality but other leisure giving places like cafes,discos etc are given instant permission.They believe that wud give tym to party and release tensions and frustrations.But i believe what is most important in life is the peace of mind and heart which can be attained inplaces where there is some silence and everythings in harmony.And there is something they must know is that going to temple and meditating for sometym is the best leisure and the best way to release ur tensions and frustrations.

So i believe that DIWALI can be best celebrated by lighting ur homes and welcoming goddess Lakshmi and also show ur concern, care for ur near and dear ones.

Be A Fanatic!!!!!!

I have always believed that you should do any work with your heart and full enthusiasm put in it.Or let me put it this way that if your inner voice tells you do it "JUST GO FOR IT WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT".Just listen to whatever your heart says as it would compel you to put in it all your energy,experience and you will be ready to go thru hell for it.This will not only lead to finishing the work successfully but also give you self-satisfaction.Which inturn will give you confidence and also encouragement to do something in the future that is even bigger and tougher than before.

On the other hand if any work is done without heart may lead to a zero result.But keep in mind anything done wih heart would always give you a positive result.Also remeber that if you do something with half of your heart would lead to a zero result and not half result.So it is better you do something in life which is small and if of your interest rather than something big which does not attract you or excite you to do it.

Whenever you listen to your instinct it is bound to be correct for you as an instinct is a mixture of all the experiences you hav had in the past.Also listening to ur inner voice does not leave you regretting about not listening to urself before.You have to suffer not getting a positive result when you dont listen to ur heart ,it is better you suffer after listening to ur inner voice/hear/instinct 'Coz atleast you wont feel helpless or would not regret your decision.
But remember once you hav taken the path there may be numerous no. of problems.There may be obstacles which you may not hav even heard,the path may be full of millions and millions of thorns but you should never move back.Even if you fail keep trying hard for it coz:-
So just keep trying for it and then you"ll find that you will be the one who's satnding in the end as a winner and self satisfied as well.

Theory Vs Practicality

Practicality refers to put theory into action.A theory or plan remains a theory on paper until the plan is put to execution in the area or feild of operation.Practicality helps to know the various applications and constraints that were not taken in consideration earlier and rectify them i.e. it helps us knowing the run time errors involved in the process.

Also there being an old saying as well -"IT IS AS EASY AS SAID DONE".

Quoting this statement refers to the fact that a theoritical fact may be quite marvelous but we wanna know whether it is feasible or not or is it possible in a particular situation or not.Using practicality we get about the theory and also a proof to the above.As every theory is backed up with a practical example except for the ones given by Einstein which are however being put to practical applications now.

Practicality in other words helps to get real and get out the world of dreaming and thinkin.