Making A Day Special for my Loved One(Ist)

My friends and i were discussing on how each of us wud make a day special for our Love.i found the topic so nice that i decided to write a blog on this 'coz U never know if ur CRUSH reads it and gets enamored of you :).

Well i generally dont believe in ostentatiousness or flashiness.Its gonna be as serene and as placid as possible.In order to write this blog i tried living out that moment and this is how i think things wud turn out to be.

I wud like to take her to a Terrace Garden of a tall building on a moonlit night.of course its just the two of us there and no one else.In the midst of the breath taking verdure wud be a carpet of Rose Petals with beautiful diyas,preferably diyas kept in glasses at each of its corners only(dont wanna over do it).we wud then sit down to have Martini/Champagne(dont know much abt drinks wat ever suits the occasion wud be used)along with cherries,strawberries,etc.Romantic songs being played in the background,some of my favorites that wud sound pleasing to our soul and make us forget the tumults of the world & be by ourselves.Songs like We've got Tonight-Bob seger,Moonlight Kiss,I Have Been Loving you,Have you really Loved a Woman-Bryan,Swaying to the Music,Our love is Here to stay,Cant help Falling in love-Elvis,Tu Bin Bataye,Tum Ho toh,Tumhari meri Mulakaatein,teri yaadein,tera hone laga hoon...(the list is endless,Viks and i have collected a hell lotta songs for such occasions)

Talking to each other we wud lie down supine to have a look at the celestials or may be i cud pull her gently close to my body and we cud dance slowly,swaying our bodies gently and delicately.As i pull her even closer she rests her head on my chest,she starts melting in my arms(so do i in hers) and we forget the whole world which now seems too distant and small.Actually m living that moment right now while writing this blog and wat m feeling right now is "Ab Maut Bhi Aa Jaye Toh Koi Ghum Nai Hoga"(Even If I Die Now,I Wud Have No Qualms).I Had Like To Die In Her Arms Rather Than Living Away From Her".

Sitting together under the blanket of stars cuddled to each other,waiting to see the sunrise we talk and reminisce the hey days and try reliving each n every moment we spent together.

This is just about how i wud spend my night with her.Will write abt how i wud spend my day in the next blog :)


Last night while walking down the DPT carpet, my eyes got stuck to the RAVE’s notice board where it was written in big block letters, RAVE’09- THE MADNESS RETURNS, sequel to RAVE’07-Welcome To Madness. But what really glued my eyes to was the caption “THE MADNESS RETURNS”. Madness RETURNS....As the words “Madness Returns” rang in my head several times, soft memories of rave embedded deep down in my heart ‘came alive and started flashing in my mind. The memories took me way back to the days when i was a part of rave and how our team worked hard for it. Nobody cared whether it was day/night or hot/cold. Our Team left no stone unturned to make it successful and also a tradition that RAVE happens every year, and year after year it becomes much bigger and better.

In order to get the 1st and 2nd yr acquainted with how exuberant the last rave was, i decided to write a blog. Those three days(23rd-25th Feb,2007) were the most happening and the most memorable days in the history of our department. A step taken by a mere 8 students of 2nd year to organise a Cultural fest of the SRE campus, and tat too for the first time, was later on joined in by another 200 students one by one as we moved through the course of RAVE’07.The most awaited day of our lives arrived soon. The stage was set, and on the first RAVE night, the “Hasya kavi sammelan”, first big event of the fest was organised. Being the organiser of the same event i suffered from Prenatal Depression the whole day. This was but natural, as Not only did i want the event to be successful but also being a Core-Team member of rave, I wanted the event to lay a strong foundation for the upcoming events of the next 2 days. So a team of Kavi’s was knitted meticulously to Bring The House Down. With a few hiccups just before the start of the event, it ended with the audience gasping for air while laughing and holding their bellies to laugh more.
Later that night, Dr. Vivek Kumar caught me for not calling Dr. M.C. Bansal on the stage at the end of the event, which i had forgotten completely. Before he cud say sthg more, Dr. Dharam Dutt, in his characteristic style saidArrey ab toh tu Ser(Sher) ban ke rrreh campus mein. Kisi se darne ki zarrroorrat nahin hai. Bhai Bahut hi badiya karrraya tumne event!!”. I knew Vivek sir just wanted to tease me with some bantering and he gave his part of wishes by coming up to me in the morning the very next day saying ”Prateek you did a good Job. The event was a gr8 success. Every teacher is talkin about it and giving their wishes to all of u.”Those words of his really made me reach for some air, take a deep breath and say Thank you, Sir. Thanks a lot”.

The next day wat i saw was the real rave party. Not in the actual sense of course!! We had a good outside participation infact it was comparable to that of Thomso, that very yr. The participation team did their job pretty well, and now the responsibility was on the shoulders of the organisers of several events to keep them entertained and make their arrival for RAVE worth. Now let me try and make you visualize the actual seen of the 2nd day. It was a clear and sunny day and the smell of the diminutively dusty winds felt like HEANEN’s PERFUME. As soon as anyone entered the college he cud see a number of events going on in almost every part of the college. Students wud be running in one direction or the other, inorder to participate in the exciting events going on like mini soccer-where not only boys but also girls had fun kicking balls, Ouch ;), Mr and Miss rave, Blind date- where no girl left an opportunity to get hold of a guy to be a part of the game and vice versa and a couple of more events. You cud see bunches of students Twisting & shouting and motivating the participants, girls and boys swaying and gyrating their bodies to the music and Anchors making hilarious jokes and enthralling the spectators with their spectacular oratory. I must pay thanks to our junior batch on behalf of the team RAVE’07 to play such an important role in the event and making everybody’s hard work all through rave a meaning by organising such wonderful informals under the guidance of Yogesh(alumni,batch-2008).

As the students from various colleges were having fun and enjoying every moment of the day, we on the other hand were gearing up for the next big and the most sensational event-The Fashion Parade. As the erogenous models started walking on the ramp....

To be contd in the next one.