Hindi,English or is it Hinglish!!!!

Now this ones a bit freaky and will get u scratchin ur head at the head of it and a few puzzled with there language skills.Actually i found it out while i was thru a magazine article which i just happened to read it tat day i mean i dont read it regularly.

Well it goes as follows: This is related to how often we use wrong words even without knowing it.When ever we see people communicaing we often come across such kind of conversations...

Mr. X:- Where is ur Mrs.?
Mr. Y:-My Mrs. is insde makin food.
Mr. X:-Your Mrs. is a wonderful cook.

Now lets look at the other set of conversation.

Mrs. X:-Where is ur Mr.?
Mrs. Y:-My Mr. is insde makin food.
Mrs. X:-Your Mr. is a wonderful cook.

You must have come across the first set of conversation quite often and pretty common in movies too.The second set of conversation includes the word Mr. which seems pretty preposterous to use.We use Mrs. quite often and find it correct to use then why is using Mr. incorrect .Or wheher its correct or not to use Mrs. for indicating or calling someone is a big QUESTION MARK.

I dont know whether using Mrs. is Hindi,english or Hinglish but there is something i think u sud know is tat some of the hindi words are also being added to the OXFORD DICTIONARY'S new edition.


With christmas celebrations all round the corner i decided to wrute smthg on the same although i dont know much about it.Christmas is celeberated all the world and it has the same theme everywhere but the difference and verstility comes into action due to the different customs and traditions.
CHRISTMAS being a bonanza for the children as they get spectacular gifts from the fictious SANTA CLAUS who comes from the north pole on a sledge run by reindeers.

Christmas the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ is celebrated in India with great fervor all over India by the Christians.People decorate their houses, erect Christmas trees, and make cribs with figures of baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, the three kings who come to visit the baby and shepherd boys and their herds grazing around depicting the scenes of Jesus' Birth in the Bible. They decorate the Christmas tree, hang stars, gifts and illuminate them.

On the Christmas day, people enjoy a sumptuous Christmas lunch. Christmas cakes and wine are served to visitors and exchanged as gifts among friends and relatives.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated for ten continuous days. The end of these Christian festivities is the New year day. The British introduced the Gregorian Calendar and throughout their rule it was the only calendar in use for official purposes. Even after they left and India became independent that calendar is being followed in India for official purposes. The first day of January is the New year day of the Gregorian Calendar.


Now this one's quite a hot topic amongst my peers these days.So a relevant topic on my blog might help me win hearts here in my college and also elsewhere.So there lies a gr8 responsibility on me when i write for them.The input that m gonna put on this blog are the outcome of a few discussions i had wid ma friends and also wat i think about it.So my friends can catch me for writing their views or a collection of everyone's views put in an organized and polished way on mine.But if they really wanted to write something they could have done it before me.I've done it before them so they can just go around and sulk about it....

Anything which brings the slightest of hesitation in you to do it refers to ur fears provided, anything you wanna do is endorsed with a sensible logic. You cant just go on doing all sorts of ludicrous, unintelligent or the most trivial of the lot.All those things which got nothing to do with wat we call the Irrational Exuberance.

Facing fears would not only make you feel comfortable of the situation in the future but also shape your personality and the way of thinking.It would abate yur panic to a considerable extent.And Of course one more classy thing.Oh!!!how can it slip off my mind it brings in you an attitude of the most complacent person you find.Or in other words we can say he's got a HUNK ATTITUDE.Facing fears is not about winning a bet wid a friend but its getting closer and closer to finding yourself as the one doing different things differently.

Recollecting from the discussions we have had i wud like to organise it and call it a 3 Step Process(3 SP) you need to follow to face IT.


Finding your own goals.Obviously now you gonna have to introspect yourself.It would make you aware of all the non-trivial things that takes you aback,gets a shiver in your mind and soul or gets you biting your nails.

Setting goals gets endorses u up to face your fears.But, before you set ur goal to face there should always be a question "WHY" whether you really need to face it or is it significant or not. If the answer is rationale and your instinct makes a cal for it, then you have to set a goal to face it.Setting a goal in the beginning wud require you to get some motivation in you to do it.

Third: ROLES

This step involves the roles you will play i.e. face your fears. Wat i feel about it is just go and face your fears.You dont have to wait for something to happen but you have to make things happen.If you keep on waiting you start vacillating about it and the net outcome wud be procrastinating your goals.So, its better you face it as quickly as possible.

This is my take on facin fears and my views over it.Although m not able to practice the 3 SP myself to the extent i wished to.But sometimes when i end up doing it i feel more than satisfied and there is no one stopping me when i do that thing again which was so called "MY FEAR".