*Diary Entry*

"Dear Diary" these r the first words written at every page of a diary entry.People write a diary to keep a track of the important events everyday and also expressing your feelings attatched with it.Some ppl are of the opinion that its written so that they can sometime just read it and remember the good old days.They get a feeling of nostalgia remembering the childhood days which they never wanted to end.It may helps them to retrospect and also make them laugh or cry.

Apart from these common facts i am of the opinion that it may be done by people to get Vicarious feelings.People who dont get the needed attention or are not able to lavish their feelings on anyone generally like to share their feelings with their diaries.This makes them get the feeling that they are able to share their feelings with someone real and helps them get it out of them else those things would just keep swimming in their heads.However this kinds feeling can also be attained by reading romantic books or movies but writing a diary entry seems more convenient as you can do it any time u want.The diary remains quite personal so attempting a clasdestine would not be good for your health. :)

Introspection a must

Well, this is my fist blog and infact my first attempt to pen down my views and thoughts.Now in this blog i shall tell how i introspected myself infact diachotomised my heart to let you know a few things.This came to my mind when i gave a thought to the thing i desire to be the most is to bieng a good Orator, not by profession but to spread my views among the people.So tat when i speak everybody listens to me scrupolously.Although m pretty laconic by nature and may be introvert too but not taciturn at all.So may be if i dont have the courage to speak much i might jst write in here and who knows i might end up writin a book someday.

My take on this is tat there may be many others who are laconic and the view of ppl about them is of a roudy person.But, the fact is they are not speakin 'coz may be they are shy or may they fear of revealing something which might be welcomed with a laughter or joke on them. Conclusion is ofcourse not to encourage wrong views but not to put down their views or shun them straight away.But we should discuss thier views and also encourage them to interact.