An Evening

Yesterday, it was very hot and humid here in OXFORD. So, Sanjay & i planned to lock ourselves in the air-conditioned room for the day and go out for a long walk during the evening.

Now back to the topic.We started our journey at 7 in the evening but it was still hot and humid. The Sunset here is late at around 9 in the evening. As we walked our way out of the campus we found a small central park with benches all around its periphery. The park was located somehow at the middle of the most happening and busy road i.e u cud see a lot of young boys and girls passing by thru tat area.Which compelled us to stop and rest there for a while. The park was very pretty with cute and mini fountains in it.As we were clicking pics and watching girls flipping by wat we saw was the prettiest of all the things u cud imagine.

It was nothing but cute little kids were coming in there swimming trunks to take bath in the fountains.It was a scene which really made my day.It was so amusing to see kids havin the tym of there life in the cold water.The kids wud run abt here n there ith there mommy's running after them to get them soaked in the water.Some of them wud take the pics of there children for there memories or to show them to their dads to wat they missed today when he was away in his office working hrd to give good things to the very same kid. The kid wud give the most lovely grin whenever his/her mom wud call out cheeeeese!!!

The little girl,Bailey(the one in the orange) was so excited to see the fountain streams popping out of the earth tat she wud go to eachone of it and clap with her hands in the water and laugh heartfully.Seeing such a scene which took me out of the real world relieving me from all the tensions and put me in an intangible world of happiness and purirty.A scene which is and will be very clear for a long while.And even now as i think about it brings a smile on my face.At tat tym i cudn help thinking about my Friend VIKS(Vikanshu), who wud take a pic of every little girl.He really loves little girls. Tat just made me click some pics for him. Here's another one for u VIKS!!Later on tat evening as the small kids departed it was tym for the big boys and girls to make an entry, not for bathing ofcourse but to hang out. Soon we were left with just ourselves and the memories of the little kids playing in the water and havin fun.