An Evening

Yesterday, it was very hot and humid here in OXFORD. So, Sanjay & i planned to lock ourselves in the air-conditioned room for the day and go out for a long walk during the evening.

Now back to the topic.We started our journey at 7 in the evening but it was still hot and humid. The Sunset here is late at around 9 in the evening. As we walked our way out of the campus we found a small central park with benches all around its periphery. The park was located somehow at the middle of the most happening and busy road i.e u cud see a lot of young boys and girls passing by thru tat area.Which compelled us to stop and rest there for a while. The park was very pretty with cute and mini fountains in it.As we were clicking pics and watching girls flipping by wat we saw was the prettiest of all the things u cud imagine.

It was nothing but cute little kids were coming in there swimming trunks to take bath in the fountains.It was a scene which really made my day.It was so amusing to see kids havin the tym of there life in the cold water.The kids wud run abt here n there ith there mommy's running after them to get them soaked in the water.Some of them wud take the pics of there children for there memories or to show them to their dads to wat they missed today when he was away in his office working hrd to give good things to the very same kid. The kid wud give the most lovely grin whenever his/her mom wud call out cheeeeese!!!

The little girl,Bailey(the one in the orange) was so excited to see the fountain streams popping out of the earth tat she wud go to eachone of it and clap with her hands in the water and laugh heartfully.Seeing such a scene which took me out of the real world relieving me from all the tensions and put me in an intangible world of happiness and purirty.A scene which is and will be very clear for a long while.And even now as i think about it brings a smile on my face.At tat tym i cudn help thinking about my Friend VIKS(Vikanshu), who wud take a pic of every little girl.He really loves little girls. Tat just made me click some pics for him. Here's another one for u VIKS!!Later on tat evening as the small kids departed it was tym for the big boys and girls to make an entry, not for bathing ofcourse but to hang out. Soon we were left with just ourselves and the memories of the little kids playing in the water and havin fun.

"""""MY OBITUARY"""""[:(]

What ever i write in my obituary may not ever turn out to be true,what ever i write in here may not completely be correct in the fututre,but whatever i write would be sthg written full of passion, absolute honesty and truthfulness and purity of my heart.A promise to myself that whatever i write tonight, i have to prove it write in my life what ever may come.Whatever i write would be filled with faith in myself and a self motivation and a confidence on my self to turn out into what i always wanted to.Whatever i write would also let me explore the feelings deep down inside the core of my heart that have been craving not just to come out but also come out and blossom like a flower in the the month of May.The month of May is a kind of season with the advent of which you find everything so nice,so lovely and you feel like involving everyone with you in ur happiness.

So this how i wud like my obituary to be.A boy born in a simple family,brought in the same simple family,went and did everything simply nothing extraordinary but died as The President of India. HAhAhaHa..And tht was the obituary of Abdul kalaam.

Okay now, serious.Damn serious.I dont know why but i cant think of much as to wat i would be ten years down the line may be i dont want to think much.I wanna be the same, a child who has no tensions,not much of responsibility and enoyin every bit of his/her life.Its so strange that when we r young we always want to grow older and when we do, we think why do we have to grow old n why am i changing. When you grow even older you are so in search of your childhood that you find happiness in the happiness of your children and grandchildren and feel if they are happy even we are happy.Thats how the world goes and u parents wud always think of you as a small child, even if you are 50 yrs old.You wud call ur mother mom and she will call u by ur nickname even in public how ever embarassing it may be.

So my obituary would be "Prateek Gupta, was born in 1987, died 20**.He grew up in a simple family, was a simple person who believed in simple living and high thinking.He wasnt a popular person when he died and not many ppl knew him in this world but who ever knew him,knew him well and were all close to his heart. For him human relationship was always at a higher priority, than anything else and if possible he wud do anything for them, until he knew he and they are both write.A great speaker of his category ,conducted a few orientations and seminaars in the country, used to leave the audience in awe and there jaws agape with his oratorical skill(this is my sweetest dream and my dearest wish in life which i didn tell anyone, and now i have openly written here in front of you.)One thing he wud always stick to was truth.Veracity(i may not be so truthful but i really want to b one).He was courageous and never took a step aback from the path of truth.Thank you.And i request you to keep a silence for 2 min.Sleep in peace. Sweet dreams Prateek."

It was horrible i cud visualise sthg really horrible by the end of this blog.i hope u dont.


Hmmm....its no blog.Damn i had written a blog wasting an hr and then the laptop just got shut off. I forgot to plug in the wire and whoosh it was gone.Man i am so frustrated and irritated.I was mking a come bac to my way of wrting.May be i wasnt enjoying writing it much or the universe didnt want me to tell you what happened when we went to an Indian familys house in the US.Wat Sanjay did there.Ahem now u must b gettin a slight hint of wat it would have been to read this.How hilarious it wud have been.But GRRRRRRR......its gone spoof like smoke now.

Now i wont be able to write this one agn.there might be a serious blog coming up nxt now.I am really hot and angry and in no mood to do anything now.buh-bye all!!!


Hi guys..woph!!!m finally gettin down to rite a blog not coz m really happy to be here in the US not at all pals.There are actually two reasons for y writing this blog first i haven wrien a blog since 3 mnths and 2nd am not able to sleep.its 5 in the mornin and m awake since 12 am.I tried to sleep by keepin my eyes closed but it didn help at all.Ughh...this jet lag's kiling me.
restin at amsterdam
First things first!!We reached the cincinnati airport,tat was where Dr. shashi lalvani came to pic us, 27 hrs after we took of from IGIA with a flying time of 17 hrs(8+8+1).So i felt my bed gliding even two days later too and if i was standing on he ground i wud feel the same.To tell ya bout the jet lag m fed up.i Sleep from the afternoon till late in the evening and am awake in the night.

A View frm ma room.
Dr. Lalvani was waitin for us as we reached the baggage claim bed.He recognised us to b the students as soon as he looked at us.Actually it was tough for me to do so as he appeared to be more bald than in the pic and he has a fiarer complexion now.He is really a very fine person to meet.I must say he is very caring and an amiable person.He has a very soothin voice it was reall nice to talk to him.He took us for a magnificient dinner at an indian restuarant APNA INDIA in cincinnati(our university is located at a distance of 35 miles from Cincinnati)....woh man!!! wat a food it was i wud want to go there plenty of times but it cost him around $ 35 for the three of us so i guess i was a bit too costly.Mean while we were talkin bout iour future plans and also bout paper industry,MBA,OHIO and wat n wat not.Sir helped us pickin the luggage which of course i didn want but ab munda kar raha hai toh karne do na!! :)
This is the INN
For The first night our arrangement was made in the hotel owned by the MIAMI university, called the MIAMI INN.I spent the half night sleepin and the rest workin on he net.Yeah, the jet lag.I wont repeat it agn n agn catch hold of the reason urself.The nxt morin we had our breakfast in the hotel and went to he office for signing our contract,gettin Id's and the room keys.Our hostel is located in the most beautiful part of the campus.Its a huge campus and we generally roam around with a map of the campus but we generally ask the ways frm the ppl.The ppl here i must say are vey helpful.hey ask u if hey can elp u even before u ask for it.Even a person walkin on the road if nable to help wud ask some1 else and tell u he way.

The next thing of course the chicks.Ooomph man!!Damn hotYou'll find most of them in micro minis and shorts.I wont descibe it further coz i dont want to make my blog an erotic story site.My personal fav is Christine livin on the same floor,we have coed floors here,though we didn meet much but she has invited me to her room whenever i want to.NO...not for tat ding dong dumbo.Not so fast she has to give me sometym atleast.And yeah the ROOm is pretty ok. Lamps, study table, almirahs, refrigerator, etc,etc,etc.Then we gotta lounge inthe basement where we can rest on the sofa sets.Its a big lounge with pool tables and fusbal table. The washing machine and the dryers are in the basement so we can put the clothes for washin and then we can wait in the lounge.

I might have missed out on a few things coz many things didn catch my atention as i've been to Kuwait two times and m verse with malls,costly livin,lifestyle, callin cards,other gadgets and BLAH,BLAH,BLAH.


As soon as most of u r done reading my previous post and i find no new comments, there’s a spark in me to go for the next .This blog is yet again about my experience i had a few days ago. As u go on reading the blog u might find me exaggerating, aggrandizing or even boasting. But i've tried my best to give u a preview as modestly as possible. This is for those who give there best into sthg but still end up not achieving it or give up thinking, they wont be able to make it. I wud like to encourage u with the most recent incident tat happened wid me.

The scene starts with my presentation on Feb 1, 2008. I had exchanged my presentation date wid MEGHU. Or infact it was the other way round, Meghu was busy this week so i helped him out. We exchanged the dates & he told me i had to live up to the xpectations of being a replacement of MEGHU. I promised him tat i wud do sthg different & he wont regret it. After makin a commitment I was in a real fix. Wat m I gonna do???I was roaming around wid a big question mark face. He does it every time wid me. Why only me??? Landing me yet agn perplexed & puzzled. Well if it was jus a presentation in some other teacher rather than….. OKAY. M sorry I didn’t tell who the teacher was.

OH MAN!!!! Why m I doing this. Now I hav to think about tat stupid teacher to tel u all abt tat….A strong current of disgust just flew down my body shaking me down up to the ground. Now Recollecting my senses, I recall she is CHCHaya Sharma Alias PUPPY. Puppy, coz she speaks too much. OH! M sorry speaking is really a decent word, she keeps on shouting, damn it. Can go babbling around for 24 hrs. Don’t forget She’s got d most irksome voice u hav ever heard in ur life, must say a pinching & catty voice. My head is goin thru a plethora of stories about her. May b they r all rumors but why not believe them & add spice to this blog. Children call her by the name of puppy, slut and wat n wat not. The only teacher who makes a person in his highest spirits go down in disgust and frustration by even giving her an askance. Also intervenes in most of the student affairs. A promiscuous woman havin an affair or rather say affairs wid two renowned profs. So, in all a bull shit teacher to whom nobody gives a damn to wat she speaks.

This blog is gonna b real long if I tel all her stories, as it is, its gonna go a long way. Now, givin a thrillin and diff ppt in her subject was like jumpin in a well of fire. The fear of her opening her big fat mouth and ruining my mood and shatterin my ppt too was there.The way she did in VIKS’s ppt. This thought wud make me angry a lot many tyms nd I wud start shoutin, cursin her from my room itself(d day before). The day had come didn’t think much abt wat m gonna do. On my way to d seminar hal my head was concentrated on my target. Thoughts were flowing into my head like cash counters ringing with money after the release of SPIDERMAN. I was now clear how m I gonna make it a diff ppt for every1.But there was a glitch I didn have the key to seminar hal. And I was in no mood to give the ppt in the alternative PROJECTOR room.

After I found the seminar hal open, the person who had to issue the remote of the projector was still not there and wud come after an hour or so. Puppy entered d room forcing me to do it in the other room Arrey bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hum apni ppt toh doosre room mein ker sakte hain!!!. Saying, with her same catty and assiduous voice passing Scythian remarks .I was in disgust to here her damn voice. But I was adamant about doing it in the same room there n then. It struck me tat it might hav a button too. I took a chair and dropped it on the other side of the table from over it. I just climbed over the table to reach the other side and then on to it to reach the projector. It was switched on. I said to myself yeah I m gonna give it here damn it & nobody stops me now.I was jubiliated and was doing further process and as I was walkin beside to put the Pen drive, I stepped on a wire and there was a spark tat even gave a buRn in my leg and the display dissapeared. Thank You god u r helping me too much. God damn it!!!!!!!

I heard a voice very familiar “ HAI RAAAAAAAAM!!!!!! Prateeeeeeeek hum yahaan equipment kharaab toh nahin karne aayein haaaaaaaaaain??”I said to my self “to hell wid u and m not listening to wat u r sayin.”Thought it was the end of it.I didn know wat got turned out UPS, CPU¸ or wat?? I had to go into the other room now. Jus then ANI said check which wire is it can we do sthg abt it?? ”I sat down to see it my hands started workin like a blitzkrieg cutting out the sheath of the wire not caring about any god damn current I put it into an empty socket. But, to my surprise ANI in his not so excited voice as usual said “Chal gaya.”I climbed on to the chair, to turn it on mechanically, saw the display comin , and it was then when I took a deep breath and a sigh of relief.

Its not the end of the blog. I went into the wash room relaxed a bit and entered my destination. I was ready to do sthg diff. Well everythin till now had been diff but it was tym to live up to ur commitment. I started off by walkin casually coming to the center of the U-shaped table, talking to them as if an M.D. addressing his Board of Directors. I cud see everyone’s face. I left all d students bamboozled with the level of confidence. I saw a countenance of astonishment on the face of PUPPY. She was impressed by me a gr8 deal. As I reached the center, By sayin a LITTLE JIG & a LITTLE SHAKE i shook my body, which was swaying and gyrating all over from my head to my feet. This brought a laughter in the students and now I new everyone was listening to me carefully. As I looked to find MEGHU, he was nowhere to b seen. At tat tym I became really sad, I felt like givin it away but I controlled my emotions & went on wid it.Now I knew puppy doesn’t know English so I started off by condemning her calling her lectures somniferous, calling her somniferous. And she was impressed by tis too. She is damn stupid I tell ya.

As I moved on giving my ppt wid full verboseness in American accent it was tym for her to speak. How cud she be silent for so long. She started to speak in English passing her acerbic and cutting remarks Prateek..Um…youuuuuuuu r goooooooing out Ophphph syllabus.” That’s it she cudn speak anymore English and she was bac to speakin hindi ”Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeh toh syllabus se bahar haaaaaaai, hum bad mein padengeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa”.I heard her and started to speak loudly,at the top of my voice to shun hers and she stopped amid.I went on with my ppt to finish it wid a success.Every1 congratulated me for a wonderful ppt and told me to do my JIG and SHAKE to three tyms during the course of the day. Now too they remember it & call me by sayin JIGGY, JIGGY.

Some wud say it was the power of intention i.e. jus thinking in ur head. But it was intention blended wid a strong zeal to win the world.Tat was wat which helped me achieve wat I wanted to.


Ahem..ahem...Um....yeah. SO it goes like this.When i thought i of writin another blog, it wasnt of the sort u hav in front of u right now. It was actually gonna be an excerpt from my diary which i wrote a few days bac. I was impressed with myself with the lines i wrote so i thought of sharing them wid u all. But, on the second thoughts i found those to be nothing but a bunch of depressing thoughts and upset words. Thus it was in all a bad idea to pen them down. OOPS!!! i mean type it for ya.

This morning i was in a fix wat shud i be writing on the blog then. But thank god he sent MEGHU to help me out.We mt on the dinning table during breakfast, he told me he was really waiting for my new blog, "U know golu m waiting for ur blog.I click it every day and i dont find it updated".This statement of his landed me(it was infact a bumpy landing) in a state of turmoil."OH! MAN wat the hell".But this statement of his pushed me towards writing the kinda blog i wrote last tym.So, thanx to meghu for helpin me out although he did it unintentionally, but I"ll love u for this.

Here it is,another blog to lighten ur stressed minds by some touchy moments with a tinge of humuor sprinkled over it.In the last blog on PAPEREX i didnt mention a word about the day 9th, December, 2007.Hey KARAN... u must hav thought i didn write anything abt ur bday or infact there might be no goddamn importance of it in my mind. hai na!!! So here i m with a whole blog dedicated to u and ur bday.

Let me get into the details now ANI, VIKS,MOLU(KARAN) and me were in Delhi for the PAPEREX. The day before his bday we planned to give a surprise to MOLS by ordering a cake on the morning of 8th. While KARAN(wont use molu that often or else he"ll get bugged ) was taking bath in the morning, VIKS told me to go downstairs and order a cake.I did so and came bac even before he came out of the bathroom. Actually KARAN generally takes a hell lot of a tym to bathe. First spreads hot water(infact wasting it) around the bathing area so tat he can feel the aroma of warmness and once he gets the feel starts with d process. We told the care taker of the place, we were staying at, to collect it at 8:00pm in the evening.

After enjoying the day we came back without showing any sign of giving him a surprise. We were quite late and it was almost 10:30P.M. . On our way bac home, KARANs sis charu called him up to wish and told him tat she had sent for him a cake. DAMN!!! Hell broke down on us. She ruined our surprise. VIKS was really annoyed by her act"Couldnt she wait for another hour. We wudnt hav eaten the cake by ourselves for sure!!!!" KARAN started to walk hom as quickly as possible as if brisk walkin for a few hundred metres wud make him slim n trim. The first thing he enquired his caretaker was "Did i get any parcel?" In reply he got two. He thought his sis had sent him two parcels, but it was Viks who told that" the other ones ours idiot don’t be senti for her, be senti for us idiot" .

KARAN became emotional, does the same thing most of the tym: He held his head in his hands and was like" Oh my god!!! oh my god!!!.Thanx yaar thanx.I cant believe it.Nobodys done it for me". We told him to stop the NAUTANKI for the tym being "Theek hai theek hai bahut ho gaya ab tera".VIKS and ANI were really angry and sad and obviously me too. Viks said in his angry tone which obviously he cant retain for a long tym"Abhi toh sirf hamara cake katega, U can eat the other one tom."After opening both the cakes we said ours is so marvellous and her cake was "YELLOW, YUCKO".We didnt wait for the clock to tick 12:00, infact after taking a glimpse of the cake our mouths started watering and we didnt want to wait for even a sec. Um... i feel like tat cake agn.I bet MOLU and VIKS’s belly wud soon start craving for a piece of cake as soon as they read the word cake here.These two are generally in search of food and are a complete gourmet.

The nxt day the three of us thought we shud do sthg else to give him a surprise after he had gone his cousins house in he afternoon. Actually after charu sent the cake we didn’t feel like we did sthg so it was it,the master plan came into action as soon as Karan went out. Although none of us had the slightest of the idea what we wanted to do. We just started our work and then things just kept on adding.Viks and I went to C.P. to buy a gift. Ani had his hand injured as usual he is never alright. Its one of the body part causing scourge to him.

After searching for Archie’s for over an hour and roaming about the whole inner circle we were thankful to god we finally found it. We found the best we could in our little pittle budget and came bac hom. But we were still not satisfied. We thought of giving him a surprise at Hotel SHANGRI-la. We thought of meeting there at tea in full delegatory style, which reminds me of Viks doing his "yeah…yeah oh!!! yeah" in his metro guy style. But we wanted to make it special for him more than that too. We were stuck at the idea of a terris garden dinner due to MOLUs love for peace and harmony. We searched on the net but we found none.We did the arrangement on our own terris.There is nothing like ur own hom.

Well my mood got spoilt jus now so don’t feel like writing anymore but will hav to complete it anyways.The spoilt mood is gonna pay in the left over blog,though. We thought of doing it on our terries. We took the chairs and table on d terris. I went down and bought a few candles and a bottle of COKE. We lit the candles and started to wait for him as he was at his cousins house. We were enjoying the view from the terries with the flames of candles fighting against the wind. Well it was our friendship which kept them alive.

When Molu came I waited at the terries while ani and viks brought him up on the terries by saying "lets go upstairs and enjoy the weather, after all its ur bday today". As they went downstairs I did a little jig and got down to work. I placed he cake yeah the yellow yucko one at the centre of the table and candles surrounding. As they came up i switched the cruel intentions instrumental, his fav.

As he saw the arrangement he started on with his senti dialogues. Absolutely the same ones I explained before. Kabhi toh change kiya ker yaar we r bored with it now. As he started with it we were like OH!!!MAN not agn. Gave him the present and sat down there doing chit-chat, the thing we r best at, until the candles dosed off.
Those 4 days at delhi were great fun and i would rememer for ever.There is another chance of conference at delhi after this weekend but i dont know if i wud be able to make it to that one.

PAPEREX' 07-8th Paper International Conference

It took me some tym to think,rethink and realise what my nxt blog wud be and here i m with a blog to live up to the expectations of a paper technocrat(in the makin of course!!) .The blog expatiates the highlights of Paper Internstional Conference held in DELHI from 7-9th, December, 2007. It was the first International Conference tat i attended and infact my first conference ever.Thanks to my peers ANI(anish),KARAN(molu,although he used to be quite frustrated by that nickname before,but, we love it) & VIKS(vikanshu) of course who took me with them for it and the HOD of our dptt. who made it possible for us to get free entry there.The conference was accompanied by an exhibition by various paper industries for all 3 days.

The conference has given me some charismatic memories tat i will cherish for a long tym.But the question is tat why m i writin this on my blog???The reason is simple and tat is tat i found a bag full of new and incredible things about the field of Pulp & Paper technology which would excite to know more and more about this field.Its not tat i m publicising Pulp and Paper on my blog(waise bhi my blog isn't so famous tat i can publicise smthg on it :) ) but i want everyone related to this field shud know the depth of this branch so that u can try becoming a paper technocrat.rite???

Wrong..its all crap m not the writer of the millenium tat i can create a picturesque view of the whole conference in ur mind.So jus read and have fun reading u like it, comment on it, u dont like comment (criticize it) on it.

DAY 1- 7th December,2007:

With Sun held high and spirits in us high we reached the venue for inaugeration late as usual maintaining our dignity of not reachin on tym.Reaching the wrong gate and getting ourselves registered for the wrong exhibition got us even more late, though we didnt miss much.The most important part beingthe speech of John P. Harrison who left us all scratchin our heads with his keynote which was that the Paper industry has lead to so much of the defforestation that there are forest denuding to a large extent and there wud be no means to make paper.The other chief guests were Chairman Taffco, Vice president TAPPI and a few more imp. names that i seem to hav forgotten.Then we moved towards the Conference Hall we seated ourselves in one of the last few rows[the same way we sit in our classroom ;) ].

The first day, full of excitement we intended to attend all the three sessions the first one being the one with Pradeep Dobale, CEO, ITC Ltd. as the Chairperson.The most prominent of the speakers was Sunil Sood,April Marketting(V.P.).His Presentation was based on the scarcity of pulp if the recession of trees continues which would lead to high cost pulp and then high cost paper and thus encouragiong electronic media.The presentation given by him was really touchy.He was very polite in his speech and he was so ingenuous that u could see how sentimental he was as if he was making a call an urge to the people to wake up .He said lots of things about tree scarcity in the future.All four of us were really impressed by him and were dying to meet him.(Karan toh as usual becomes a fan of anyone in a flash kabhi DEAN toh kabhi JASMEAN) the end he said in a way as if makin a point to the CEO,ITC saying "i can do it pradeep,i dont know how"(i don't remember it completely) showing how sentimentally attatched he is to the feild and showing the professionalism Mr. Dobale and his emotional attatchment to it.

After a mindboggling session of 2 hrs we had Tea with virtuosi in the field of Pulp and Paper from all over the world.The Tea tym was used by us to do some social networking with them.Who so ever we met were more than glad to find students from IIT Roorkee, Department of Paper Technology.They would all greet us with a jubiliant smile and would start on the conversation with great verboseness .We were surprised and happy to get this kind of a response from almost all of them.We wre flying high even without a peg of booze to get such respect that u go in any part of the world be it ASIA,UK or the US.The day ended leaving us all strianed but filled in us a feeling that the ady was really worth it.

Day 2- 8th, December,2007:

We reached the venue next morning, we could feel the tireness of last night in our bodyAll of us(except karan of course) were not willing much to attend the conference today and wanted to enjoy it.I was very excited to enter into Fespa exhibition(electronic gadgets) so the three of us(viks,ani and i) went there and karan went to Paperex.We were enjoying ourselves(actually jus me and not the other two) at fespa and were stunned to see the various new gadgets for printing and all. A while later Karan called up and said he was gettin bored and so viks and ani were elated to leave Fespa.However, i enjoyed the paperx exhibition as well which we attended later.There we saw various techniques of packaging,drying,then beating,et.The most facsinating of all was the hand made paper.The process is simple the beater used is a simple one and then they would make various patterns on the surface which can be used for packing and also for decoration purposes.Although i cant create the same picture in ur head but can tell you tat there were stalls of all the famous paper mills be it BILT, ITC or TRIDENT showcasing there different techniques and new technologies which fascinated all 4 of us.

The next thing we did was forex into the WINE Exhibition.We were so excited to visit the wine exh. tat we gor ourselves registered as fast as we could and made our way into it.It was a paradise for wine lovers be it KOREAN,FRENCH,UK or AUSTRALIAN.Some of us tasted wines(obviously Karan was leading the way to Viks and Ani) i refused to taste it but the tragedy was tat i tasted a mocktail containing RUM(which i didn know for sure) , Ugh... it was really bitter tat i threw it away at jus licking it.Damn i m not a teetotaller any more.Hope my parents dont come across this blog of mine else... OH MY GOD!!!!!i'll be dead man walking.

Day 3- 9th, December,2007:

Ahh alas!!The most awaited day had arrived the last day of the conference and also the day on which Our HOD was to chair the first session.It was our chance to get high in Hods eyes by reching on tym.We were trying really hard pushing each to get up from the bed as early as possible, bathed with ice cold water(light was out), missed our breakfast, took an auto to reach the venue.It was it, LATE again by half an hour(nobody can help us i guess).The session was related to Research and Development (Water and Ozone).The session had main aims to make a call for using agro based paper and low consumption, possiblity of producing zero effluent method with the help of the kidney technology.

The session ended with the speech of The Chairperson(our HOD) which impressed all the ppl present in the hall that tym and we were stunned the way he conveyed his message in such voluble way.Encouraging the speakers in his session who were young scientist so made a cal for an applause for the young leaders.

We then left the venue and went into the WINE Exhibition coz ani wanted to get a pic with the wines so we went especially there for his pic.Those three days were quite hot and happening for me when i enjoyed myself with my friends allot.In french we say we had a high" JOIE DE VIVRE" in those days.

The conference has helped me in two ways first it gave some really memorable moments of a lifetym with my freinds.Second it has increased my propensity towards the Paper technology and i feel i can perseu a career in this particular field as a no. of finnish paper industries are trying to foray into india so there is a large scope in this field.