As soon as most of u r done reading my previous post and i find no new comments, there’s a spark in me to go for the next .This blog is yet again about my experience i had a few days ago. As u go on reading the blog u might find me exaggerating, aggrandizing or even boasting. But i've tried my best to give u a preview as modestly as possible. This is for those who give there best into sthg but still end up not achieving it or give up thinking, they wont be able to make it. I wud like to encourage u with the most recent incident tat happened wid me.

The scene starts with my presentation on Feb 1, 2008. I had exchanged my presentation date wid MEGHU. Or infact it was the other way round, Meghu was busy this week so i helped him out. We exchanged the dates & he told me i had to live up to the xpectations of being a replacement of MEGHU. I promised him tat i wud do sthg different & he wont regret it. After makin a commitment I was in a real fix. Wat m I gonna do???I was roaming around wid a big question mark face. He does it every time wid me. Why only me??? Landing me yet agn perplexed & puzzled. Well if it was jus a presentation in some other teacher rather than….. OKAY. M sorry I didn’t tell who the teacher was.

OH MAN!!!! Why m I doing this. Now I hav to think about tat stupid teacher to tel u all abt tat….A strong current of disgust just flew down my body shaking me down up to the ground. Now Recollecting my senses, I recall she is CHCHaya Sharma Alias PUPPY. Puppy, coz she speaks too much. OH! M sorry speaking is really a decent word, she keeps on shouting, damn it. Can go babbling around for 24 hrs. Don’t forget She’s got d most irksome voice u hav ever heard in ur life, must say a pinching & catty voice. My head is goin thru a plethora of stories about her. May b they r all rumors but why not believe them & add spice to this blog. Children call her by the name of puppy, slut and wat n wat not. The only teacher who makes a person in his highest spirits go down in disgust and frustration by even giving her an askance. Also intervenes in most of the student affairs. A promiscuous woman havin an affair or rather say affairs wid two renowned profs. So, in all a bull shit teacher to whom nobody gives a damn to wat she speaks.

This blog is gonna b real long if I tel all her stories, as it is, its gonna go a long way. Now, givin a thrillin and diff ppt in her subject was like jumpin in a well of fire. The fear of her opening her big fat mouth and ruining my mood and shatterin my ppt too was there.The way she did in VIKS’s ppt. This thought wud make me angry a lot many tyms nd I wud start shoutin, cursin her from my room itself(d day before). The day had come didn’t think much abt wat m gonna do. On my way to d seminar hal my head was concentrated on my target. Thoughts were flowing into my head like cash counters ringing with money after the release of SPIDERMAN. I was now clear how m I gonna make it a diff ppt for every1.But there was a glitch I didn have the key to seminar hal. And I was in no mood to give the ppt in the alternative PROJECTOR room.

After I found the seminar hal open, the person who had to issue the remote of the projector was still not there and wud come after an hour or so. Puppy entered d room forcing me to do it in the other room Arrey bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hum apni ppt toh doosre room mein ker sakte hain!!!. Saying, with her same catty and assiduous voice passing Scythian remarks .I was in disgust to here her damn voice. But I was adamant about doing it in the same room there n then. It struck me tat it might hav a button too. I took a chair and dropped it on the other side of the table from over it. I just climbed over the table to reach the other side and then on to it to reach the projector. It was switched on. I said to myself yeah I m gonna give it here damn it & nobody stops me now.I was jubiliated and was doing further process and as I was walkin beside to put the Pen drive, I stepped on a wire and there was a spark tat even gave a buRn in my leg and the display dissapeared. Thank You god u r helping me too much. God damn it!!!!!!!

I heard a voice very familiar “ HAI RAAAAAAAAM!!!!!! Prateeeeeeeek hum yahaan equipment kharaab toh nahin karne aayein haaaaaaaaaain??”I said to my self “to hell wid u and m not listening to wat u r sayin.”Thought it was the end of it.I didn know wat got turned out UPS, CPU¸ or wat?? I had to go into the other room now. Jus then ANI said check which wire is it can we do sthg abt it?? ”I sat down to see it my hands started workin like a blitzkrieg cutting out the sheath of the wire not caring about any god damn current I put it into an empty socket. But, to my surprise ANI in his not so excited voice as usual said “Chal gaya.”I climbed on to the chair, to turn it on mechanically, saw the display comin , and it was then when I took a deep breath and a sigh of relief.

Its not the end of the blog. I went into the wash room relaxed a bit and entered my destination. I was ready to do sthg diff. Well everythin till now had been diff but it was tym to live up to ur commitment. I started off by walkin casually coming to the center of the U-shaped table, talking to them as if an M.D. addressing his Board of Directors. I cud see everyone’s face. I left all d students bamboozled with the level of confidence. I saw a countenance of astonishment on the face of PUPPY. She was impressed by me a gr8 deal. As I reached the center, By sayin a LITTLE JIG & a LITTLE SHAKE i shook my body, which was swaying and gyrating all over from my head to my feet. This brought a laughter in the students and now I new everyone was listening to me carefully. As I looked to find MEGHU, he was nowhere to b seen. At tat tym I became really sad, I felt like givin it away but I controlled my emotions & went on wid it.Now I knew puppy doesn’t know English so I started off by condemning her calling her lectures somniferous, calling her somniferous. And she was impressed by tis too. She is damn stupid I tell ya.

As I moved on giving my ppt wid full verboseness in American accent it was tym for her to speak. How cud she be silent for so long. She started to speak in English passing her acerbic and cutting remarks Prateek..Um…youuuuuuuu r goooooooing out Ophphph syllabus.” That’s it she cudn speak anymore English and she was bac to speakin hindi ”Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeh toh syllabus se bahar haaaaaaai, hum bad mein padengeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa”.I heard her and started to speak loudly,at the top of my voice to shun hers and she stopped amid.I went on with my ppt to finish it wid a success.Every1 congratulated me for a wonderful ppt and told me to do my JIG and SHAKE to three tyms during the course of the day. Now too they remember it & call me by sayin JIGGY, JIGGY.

Some wud say it was the power of intention i.e. jus thinking in ur head. But it was intention blended wid a strong zeal to win the world.Tat was wat which helped me achieve wat I wanted to.