"""""MY OBITUARY"""""[:(]

What ever i write in my obituary may not ever turn out to be true,what ever i write in here may not completely be correct in the fututre,but whatever i write would be sthg written full of passion, absolute honesty and truthfulness and purity of my heart.A promise to myself that whatever i write tonight, i have to prove it write in my life what ever may come.Whatever i write would be filled with faith in myself and a self motivation and a confidence on my self to turn out into what i always wanted to.Whatever i write would also let me explore the feelings deep down inside the core of my heart that have been craving not just to come out but also come out and blossom like a flower in the the month of May.The month of May is a kind of season with the advent of which you find everything so nice,so lovely and you feel like involving everyone with you in ur happiness.

So this how i wud like my obituary to be.A boy born in a simple family,brought in the same simple family,went and did everything simply nothing extraordinary but died as The President of India. HAhAhaHa..And tht was the obituary of Abdul kalaam.

Okay now, serious.Damn serious.I dont know why but i cant think of much as to wat i would be ten years down the line may be i dont want to think much.I wanna be the same, a child who has no tensions,not much of responsibility and enoyin every bit of his/her life.Its so strange that when we r young we always want to grow older and when we do, we think why do we have to grow old n why am i changing. When you grow even older you are so in search of your childhood that you find happiness in the happiness of your children and grandchildren and feel if they are happy even we are happy.Thats how the world goes and u parents wud always think of you as a small child, even if you are 50 yrs old.You wud call ur mother mom and she will call u by ur nickname even in public how ever embarassing it may be.

So my obituary would be "Prateek Gupta, was born in 1987, died 20**.He grew up in a simple family, was a simple person who believed in simple living and high thinking.He wasnt a popular person when he died and not many ppl knew him in this world but who ever knew him,knew him well and were all close to his heart. For him human relationship was always at a higher priority, than anything else and if possible he wud do anything for them, until he knew he and they are both write.A great speaker of his category ,conducted a few orientations and seminaars in the country, used to leave the audience in awe and there jaws agape with his oratorical skill(this is my sweetest dream and my dearest wish in life which i didn tell anyone, and now i have openly written here in front of you.)One thing he wud always stick to was truth.Veracity(i may not be so truthful but i really want to b one).He was courageous and never took a step aback from the path of truth.Thank you.And i request you to keep a silence for 2 min.Sleep in peace. Sweet dreams Prateek."

It was horrible i cud visualise sthg really horrible by the end of this blog.i hope u dont.


Hmmm....its no blog.Damn i had written a blog wasting an hr and then the laptop just got shut off. I forgot to plug in the wire and whoosh it was gone.Man i am so frustrated and irritated.I was mking a come bac to my way of wrting.May be i wasnt enjoying writing it much or the universe didnt want me to tell you what happened when we went to an Indian familys house in the US.Wat Sanjay did there.Ahem ahem....so now u must b gettin a slight hint of wat it would have been to read this.How hilarious it wud have been.But GRRRRRRR......its gone spoof like smoke now.

Now i wont be able to write this one agn.there might be a serious blog coming up nxt now.I am really hot and angry and in no mood to do anything now.buh-bye all!!!


Hi guys..woph!!!m finally gettin down to rite a blog not coz m really happy to be here in the US not at all pals.There are actually two reasons for y writing this blog first i haven wrien a blog since 3 mnths and 2nd am not able to sleep.its 5 in the mornin and m awake since 12 am.I tried to sleep by keepin my eyes closed but it didn help at all.Ughh...this jet lag's kiling me.
restin at amsterdam
First things first!!We reached the cincinnati airport,tat was where Dr. shashi lalvani came to pic us, 27 hrs after we took of from IGIA with a flying time of 17 hrs(8+8+1).So i felt my bed gliding even two days later too and if i was standing on he ground i wud feel the same.To tell ya bout the jet lag m fed up.i Sleep from the afternoon till late in the evening and am awake in the night.

A View frm ma room.
Dr. Lalvani was waitin for us as we reached the baggage claim bed.He recognised us to b the students as soon as he looked at us.Actually it was tough for me to do so as he appeared to be more bald than in the pic and he has a fiarer complexion now.He is really a very fine person to meet.I must say he is very caring and an amiable person.He has a very soothin voice it was reall nice to talk to him.He took us for a magnificient dinner at an indian restuarant APNA INDIA in cincinnati(our university is located at a distance of 35 miles from Cincinnati)....woh man!!! wat a food it was i wud want to go there plenty of times but it cost him around $ 35 for the three of us so i guess i was a bit too costly.Mean while we were talkin bout iour future plans and also bout paper industry,MBA,OHIO and wat n wat not.Sir helped us pickin the luggage which of course i didn want but ab munda kar raha hai toh karne do na!! :)
This is the INN
For The first night our arrangement was made in the hotel owned by the MIAMI university, called the MIAMI INN.I spent the half night sleepin and the rest workin on he net.Yeah, the jet lag.I wont repeat it agn n agn catch hold of the reason urself.The nxt morin we had our breakfast in the hotel and went to he office for signing our contract,gettin Id's and the room keys.Our hostel is located in the most beautiful part of the campus.Its a huge campus and we generally roam around with a map of the campus but we generally ask the ways frm the ppl.The ppl here i must say are vey helpful.hey ask u if hey can elp u even before u ask for it.Even a person walkin on the road if nable to help wud ask some1 else and tell u he way.

The next thing of course the chicks.Ooomph man!!Damn hotYou'll find most of them in micro minis and shorts.I wont descibe it further coz i dont want to make my blog an erotic story site.My personal fav is Christine livin on the same floor,we have coed floors here,though we didn meet much but she has invited me to her room whenever i want to.NO...not for tat ding dong dumbo.Not so fast she has to give me sometym atleast.And yeah the ROOm is pretty ok. Lamps, study table, almirahs, refrigerator, etc,etc,etc.Then we gotta lounge inthe basement where we can rest on the sofa sets.Its a big lounge with pool tables and fusbal table. The washing machine and the dryers are in the basement so we can put the clothes for washin and then we can wait in the lounge.

I might have missed out on a few things coz many things didn catch my atention as i've been to Kuwait two times and m verse with malls,costly livin,lifestyle, callin cards,other gadgets and BLAH,BLAH,BLAH.