RAVE'09-The Madness Moved On

I WAS A PART OF RAVE, AND RAVE SHALL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ME. No matter what, i'd always wish to witness this fest become much bigger and better year after year.As far as i know rave is not organised merely with the help of sponsors but is actually organized by students as parents would raise their children, and that students will always work with absolute honesty, truthfulness and purity of their hearts to make rave THE BEST cultural festival ever.This very fest was born on 23rd feb,2007.

23rd feb,09:A week ahead of RAVE'09,coming out of the acads block, i saw more than half of the campus was on DPT carpet,Everyone seemed to be in merry mood and looked as if i was in a carnival.There were some games being played on the Basket ball court(on account of rave),students swaying away to RAVE theme(composed by our college students itself),chit chatting and having the tym of their lives.Then Barnala came up to me and said "Golu sir,title sponsor mil gaya, YAHOO! :))".Those words of his sounded like honey to my ears.I hugged him tightly and congratulated him and his team, for the same.I dunno whether it was a coincidence or God's Grace that we got our title sponsor on RAVE anniversary and also everyone started flying high with rave fever on that very day.But,i know one thing,being a founder member(RAVE) i felt euphoric at the way things happened that day and got lost in my thoughts of RAVE'07.
The following week saw gr8 enthusiasm from all students to make the fest a big success and left no stone unturned in the organisation. On D-day my eyes opened to Sun shining at its best as if smiling and wishing us luck.As i stepped down the stairs and made my way towards Audi,everything felt like a newly blossomed flower in the month of May.Everything seemed so nice and lovely and everyone  was happy and excited about rave.To my surprise a couple of external participants,not to forget participants included girls as well,had already arrived.Campus guys seemed over-enthusiastic in helping them(girls) out with the registration for various events and  also acquainting them with the campus.Many of us bought RAVE Tees and wore them over full-sleeve shirts.This served as a dress code for the organizing team and also enhanced the feel of RAVE.

After treasure hunt and ad making contest in the morning,we had Blind Date later tat day.This event brings with it a gr8 chance to all singles to get hooked up for life,if u win with him/her,and get dumped if u dont;).One gets a chance to play a few games together,dance wid her,have the tym of ones' life and also propose him/her.I really cursed myself for not participating in Blind Date,when i got to know abt the proposal round(for i had to prepare for my anchoring in hasya kavi which reqd shudh hindi,not good at that at all,so took shukla and mandi's help for the same).I thought"ohhh yaar!kabhi asli mein toh propose karne ka chance milega nai aur ye chance bhi gaya hath se :(".
Ab Shaam ho chali thi.aagey ka kuch karyakram hasya kavi ke andaaz mein hi spasht karooga.Jab tak Kavi nai aaye khoob masti kari stage pe(anchor tha na main),Gane gaye,babbar diye logon ne khoob mari meri,(but making a fool out of urself to attract the audience and keep them glued to their seats is a very small price to pay)saath mein sponsors ki bhi thodi masti li.baad mein pata chala ki sponsor front row mein hi baithe the;)pairon tale zameen khisak gayi:).Kaviyon ke aagman hote hi Vinay ne bola naam leke kaviyon ko stage pe bulalo.maine mann mein bola "abey maine shuklaji aur mandi ke saath jo likha hai itna sara uska kiya achaar daloonga?na bhai na aisa na hone ka" Thoda kaviyon ke intro se pehle bola thoda baad mein.order jo mandi shukla ne bataya tha sab ulat pulat ho gaya lekin log khoob hasey aur maine bola mera kaam ho gaya.Kaviyon ki toli ne toh jaise mehfil mein chaar chand laga diye aur log has has ke lot pot ho gaye :).
As the students from various colleges were having fun,we on the other hand were gearing up for the next big and the most sensational event-The Fashion Parade.I teamed up with rauf to anchor this event.Several teams participated in the event and included two teams from our campus too. As the erogenous models started walking down the ramp the crowd went outta control and so did i:).Spectators enjoyed every bit of Fash-P.Standing beside the stage i cud capture every move of every gal that walked down(who cares abt the boys;))After may be 2 rounds,it was as if i seized models' vibes and got electrified and charged up.It did show in my anchoring as we were speaking watever we felt like,kabhi punjabi te kabhi hindi te kabhi angrezi and i had gr8 fun on stage, and the crowd enjoyed it off stage.The best part was the best model award was won by a girl Gulabbo,from our own campus(badi gulabbi gulabbi si thi yaar.toh naam gulabbo rakh diya,dont remember her name na;))The event was a big hit and as soon as i climbed down the stage Vivek sir,Tyagi sir and other faculty members hugged me and congratulated me for such a wonderful anchoring.My friends and juniors too appreciated and praised my talent.i was overwhelmed by their reviews and was flying high in my own success.

The second day was as good as the first.The big event that night was The Dance competition and Miss Shambhavi(of roadies fame and tumhari Bhabbi;))graced the occasion by her presence and....


Let me take you to when i was at school.I had my first crush when i was in class VIth and she caught my eye on the first day of the session itself.Just before the bell rang,she stood outside the class, talking to someone(who cares who she was talking to).My eyes got glued to her Black hair,brown eyes and her cute smile.As she walked through the door, all the students stood up to greet her.Yup!!she was my class teacher,Miss Singh.She looked charming in her maroon Churidar, bedizened with tiny mirrors and beads. She was an epitome of beauty and for me she defined beauty.

My seat being closer to the teacher's desk(by close i mean right in front of her desk)gave me the opportunity to admire her beauty in a finer way.Each day i would run from the bus to my classroom,so that i dont miss even a glimpse of her.Homeroom used to be for just 20 minutes,and tat would leave my desire to adore her, insatiated.But it was as if God showered some luck on me,she turned out to be my History teacher as well.Going to school never felt so pleasant and wonderful.My friends appreciated Miss Singh, as they believed she taught us well.Unfortunately, i never got a chance to appreciate her intelligence as i acknowledged her for something else i.e. her poise and her soothing voice;).Though i listened to her with all my heart n soul i never tried to make out as to what she said.All i did in her class was gaze at her in awe of how elegantly she carried herself.Her every move made me crazier and made me respect her even more.

Everything was going fine, but then it happened.After the school ended that day my friend and i became mischievous and started jumping on tables and chairs and spewing water on each other.Suddenly i heard a voice shouting and yelling "Prateek,what are you doing?" as i turned to look who it was, to my horror it turned out to be Miss Singh.She was standing outside the classroom.She shouted again "Come here prateek"in anger.(I have to admit she looked cuter when she became angry)what the hell why only me.was i the only one responsible for the mess.Didnt she see the other guy.she wud hate me for this.how wud i marry her now.this was not going the it was suppose to be.I thought it was best to keep my head bowed and give her an innocent-wat did i do look.But she told me to look up.She was gonna slap me and wanted me to look in her eye when she did that.To my surprise she didn slap me, instead, she pulled my cheeks and smiled at me.I was speechless and there was nothing left but to smile back at her.I can never forget her touch on my cheeks.I kept on asking myself why didn she slap me or scold me?i didn’t get an answer but then it struck me, “may be she liked me”.

I was a goner now and so much in love with Miss Singh.When you are 13 there is no logic to love,even if a girl looks at you for a few nano-seconds ur mind goes haywire and ur heart starts pounding harder and harder.Her pulling my cheeks became a routine whenever she got a chance she did it.I started applying creme on my face(which i hated doing) to keep my cheeks extra soft and fluffy.She always called me Prateek Bhole.While i was reaping the fruits outta my cheeks a few jealous kids wud remind Miss Singh that my Name was Prateek Gupta and not Bhole.She would tell everyone that I was the most innocent child of the class and would listen to her very carefully when she taught us.Her reply would make my ears go hot and i could do nothing but blush and give her a smile.

The year went by like a blitzkrieg  and the day arrived when we were to receive our report cards.I knew I had done well in the xams and was among the toppers of the class.I was excited to meet her as i knew she wud reward me for my performance at school.May be she had pull both my cheeks or may be give me a kiss(on my cheeks of course!).well that may seem a bit far-fetched but you never know when girl-luck starts shinning on you.As she gave me my report card and congratulated me for a good performance and that I was a scholar Blazer holder now.Gr8!!but I was waiting for the real reward.The reward I’d been waiting for,since so many days.Now that I was a blazer holder I was sure to get one from her.I was sure she wud give me a tight hug and would ask me to marry her.But sadly nothing of this sort happened and infact she even forgot to pull my cheeks and went on to attending some other god damn child’s parents.I stood there looking at her and thinking why did she ignore me?And then it hit me that i was being  ridiculous.I was only 13 and she must be at least 10 yrs older than i was and had to accept the truth that nothing could ever happen between us.Thinking abt all those precious moments when she used to pull my cheeks and passed her smile at me,I left school feeling morose.

Next year I didn’t see much of her. actually she left school and soon I too forgot her.The next yr I saw her again at my school,infact she was gonna be our history teacher again.I was jubiliated and felt ecstatic and several questions crossed my mind “had fate given me another chance to win her over?”,”where had she been?”,” why did she leave the school?”.As she entered the room and I looked at her,all my questions got answered and my heart sank into a deep ocean.She was married now and on top of that PREGNANT too.UGH!!I took my face in my hands and thought, had i been a few yrs older she could have been mine or cudnt she wait for a few yrs.Quite a few things changed.I tried not thinking abt her the way i used to initially.She had stopped pulling my cheeks.But somethings still remained unchanged like she still called me Prateek Bhole and still felt that I was the sweetest child of the class.

She could teach us for just 1 semester.May be it was time for her to give birth to her baby. :)
I yearned for her to pull my cheeks for the last time before she went away, but then i realised that- MAY BE PART OF LOVING IS,LEARNING TO LET GO